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Friday, 1 July 2011

SriLanka's Killing Fields

SriLanka's Killing Field-A Documentary Released By Channel-4 of London . It shows the Real Face & War crimes of the Srilankan Army.Who gave them the Permission to Rape the Women arguing that they are LTTE members??????? Okay let them be terrorists only. But which International Law has given permission to Rape,Make nude & Pass vulgar comments on those girls.Is that acceptable?
If this is the case then there is no difference between a responsible army & a terrorist organisation. Then we have to call Srilankan Army as a terrorist organisation who got power through democratic means(by cheating people & getting Votes by a various means).

Let us support the UNO in investigating & punishing those war criminals.Pls download this video to your mobile & Show/distribute to your friends,Collegues etc...It is in 3GP format so that it can be viewed on all mobiles.
I have a copy of the Video.Pls contact  to get the video in Mpg format